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Meghna Bank Corporate Banking

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We Aim To Build The Best Corporate Bank Of Bangladesh By Accelerating Digital Transformation, Improved Processes & Human Capital

Harnessing the power of people and technology, we are reinventing our business to provide the best experience for the clients. Drawing on our understanding of client needs, we are redesigning all our services - from on boarding to post-trade - to create a seamless customer journey. Under Corporate Banking division, Corporate accounts are managed by a team of relationship managers who are fully supported by our geographically diversified platform. The objective of the relationship team is to ensure delivery on client needs in a timely and customized manner.

Relationship managers also engage into discussions with our clients on their future plans and strategies Apart from traditional corporate credit products, MGBL corporate has a dedicated Trade Sales Unit to ensure seamless Trade Experience and a Client Satisfaction team to ensure all customer issues and complaints are addressed at the fasted possible time.

Get fast & convenient eStatements of your account, instead of waiting for paper-based statements.

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager 24/07
  • One Stop Solution For The Corporate Names
  • Same Day Transactions For Day To Day Activities
  • Centralized Trade Hub & Trade Express Services
  • Dedeicated Trade Sales Team
  • Dedicated Client Experiene Team For Complain & Service Issues

Corporate Banking products cover the following broad categories:

  • Industrial and Project Financing
  • Investments/ Capital Market Services
  • Transaction services
  • Trade Services and FX
  • Deposits & Cash Management Solutions
  • Structured Finance Solutions
  • Risk Management Solutions

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Get fast & convenient eStatements of your account, instead of waiting for paper-based statements.

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A host-to-host channel facilitates automated file upload and retrieval.