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30-04-2024 Tender Notice of Offshore Banking Solution for Meghna Bank PLC. View
24-04-2024 Tender Notice for Insurance of Cash in Safe, Cash in Counter, ATM & Locker Of Meghna Bank PLC. View
18-04-2024 Tender for the ISO 9001:2015 Consulting, Implementation and Certification of HR Division of Meghna Bank PLC View
18-04-2024 Sale of Old & used Furniture at Head Office & Branch View
16-04-2024 Tender Notice for Interior Works of Madambibirhat Branch at Chattogram (Relocation) View
18-03-2024 Time Extension of Tender for Enlistment Stamp Vendor View
29-02-2024 Tender for Enlistment of Stamp Vendor View
06-02-2024 RFP Notice For MYSQL License Procurement View
06-02-2024 RFP For MYSQL License Procurement View
08-01-2024 Tender for Security Stationery 2024 View
27-12-2023 Tender Notice for Sale of used Furniture of Head Office Noor Holdings View
26-12-2023 Tender Notice for interior works of Badargonj and Shahjalal University Gate Sub Branches View
24-12-2023 Tender Notice for Scrap Inventory Sale View
18-12-2023 Tender Notice for interior works of Panchlaish Branch, Chattogram View
17-12-2023 Tender Notice for interior works of Bhulta Branch & Hemayetpur, Monirampur, Chawkbazar, Khatungonj Sub Branches View

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