Meghna Bank has a dedicated Treasury team. The Treasury Division of Meghna Bank wants to be the leading Treasury Risk Management service provider in the banking arena of Bangladesh.

Meghna treasury offers sophisticated Risk Management based solutions supported by efficient human resources and a state of the art dealing room in Bangladesh.

Currently our team covers Foreign Exchange & Currency Trading, Money Market, Government Securities (T-Bill, T-Bond) & Primary Dealership, Government Securities Investment Window, Corporate Sales and Asset-Liability Management.

Main Services of Treasury Department

  • Money Market
  • Corporate Sales Desk
  • Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Asset-Liability Management Desk
  • Government Securities (T-Bill, T-Bond) & Primary Dealership
  • Government Securities Investment Window

Money market: Money market refers to raising and deploying short-term resources, with maturity of funds generally not exceeding one year. Meghna Bank’s money market desk is one of the most active and efficient desks in the interbank market of the country.

Main services of the money market desk are:

  • Call Money
  • Term Money
  • SWAP
  • REPO
  • Reverse REPO etc.

Foreign Exchange Trading: Our dynamic Corporate and Institutional Marketing team provides the best possible services through real time market intelligence, advice and timely execution of deals of our customers.

Main activities of Foreign Exchange Trading desk are as follows:

  • Spot Foreign Exchange
  • Forward Foreign Exchange
  • Foreign Currency SWAP
  • Competitive Exchange Rates for Foreign Trade stakeholders etc.

Government Securities (T-Bill, T-Bond) & Primary Dealership: Meghna Bank PLC. is one of the leading primary dealer banks in Bangladesh. Since its inception, Meghna Bank has been playing an active role in strengthening the secondary market of Government Securities in Bangladesh. In addition, as a primary dealer bank, we provide special assistance to the government in budget management through under-writing in Government Securities. MGBL as a progressive bank is conducting its business by buying and selling government securities at corporate and individual level through all networks across the country.

The main services of this department are:

  • Participation in the primary auction of Government Securities
  • Secondary Trading of Government Securities (Treasury Bills, Treasury Bonds) for corporate and individual customers.

Government Securities Investment Window: Government Securities Investment Window has been formed for smooth running and speedy servicing of Govt. Securities transactions of the Bank.

Major functions of Government Securities Investment Window are as follows:

  • Provide information of coupon/ yield and investment procedure potential or prospective customers.
  • Take proper initiatives to open Business Participants (BP) accounts of individuals and institutional customers.
  • Provide necessary advice to open Bank account for ensuring overall transaction security, sale-buy of govt. securities and faster payment of coupon and principal payment on maturity.
  • Ensure buy-sale transaction successfully depending on customer’s requisition.
  • Ensure payment/ receive of coupon, principal and trading activities efficiently.

Contact Person: Md. Sadiqur Rahman (DMD & Head of Treasury)

Head Office

Suvastu Imam Square (Ground Floor), 65 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan- 01, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Phone : 022222-61302,022222-91352 Ext: 71200
Mobile: 01730700956

Asset-Liability Management Desk: Asset-Liability Management Desk is mainly responsible for managing Interest Rate and liquidity risk of the bank. In addition, the desk is involved in analyzing the overall economic and market situation to fix interest rates on customer deposits and loans & advances of the bank. Balance-sheet management of the bank is another important function of the Asset-Liability Management desk.

Corporate Sales Desk: This desk is dedicated to provide specialized services to the esteemed corporate customers. The Corporate Sales Desk provides timely investment decisions to the customers of Government Securities (Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds). The desk is always striving to provide overall support to corporate clients who involved in Foreign Trade and Business.

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