Frequently Asked Questions

How to avail Meghna Credit Card?

  • 24x7 Call Center (16735): Apply through Meghna Bank 24x7 Call Center.
  • Branch Visit:
    • Visit your nearest Meghna Bank Branch and talk to our front-line staff.
    • Fill out an Application Form with the help of our staff.
    • Provide the required Documents:
      • Two Passport size Photographs,
      • TIN Certificate (not more than two years old),
      • Photocopy of National ID Card/ valid passport,
      • Copy of office ID/Business Card,
      • Salary Certificate or Letter of Introduction (LOI) /Pay Slip for salaried person
      • Bank Statement of last 6 (Six) months for salaried person,
      • Business account statement/Company Bank statement of last 1 year for the business person,
      • Valid Trade License copy of last two years for the business person,
      • Own house-proven documents (if available).

- You have to meet Meghna Bank credit card criteria of eligibility and conditions.

How to activate your card?

  • Call 24x7 Call Center (16735) from your registered phone number to activate your Meghna Card and generate your desired PIN.
  • Once the Card is activated & PIN is successfully generated, Card Division will notify you through SMS.

How to activate the foreign part of your card?

  • You must endorse your passport from your nearest Meghna Bank Branch or Card Division. The maximum endorsement limit for an individual cardholder is USD 12,000 for both SAARC and Non-SAARC Countries in one calendar year.
  • If you wish to open your card's foreign part only during your travel period, let us know your travel plan (country, departure date, and arrival date).


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