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With the aspect of exploring more into the field of Digital Banking Services, Meghna Bank Limited has launched its Mobile Financial Services (MFS) called “MeghnaPay”. Starting from incorporating new innovations into the financial sector & bringing the unbanked population of the country under the Bank umbrella, it is keen to build an advanced digital transactional platform for its customers.

As a modern digital banking solution, MeghnaPay is keen to offer complete Digital Banking services to its customers through its digital wallet. Having regard to the acceptance of the emerging customers towards the digital centric convenient services, it aims to develop hassle free smart digital banking solution by providing a simple & user friendly digital banking platform.

Currently, MeghnaPay is offering wide ranges of services including Cash in, Cash out, Add Money from Banks & Visa/Master Cards, Mobile Recharge, Utility bill payment, Credit Card bill Payment, Merchant Payment etc. In addition to the regular Mobile Financial Services, MeghnaPay well introduce other banking facilities like Digital Loan, Saving Schemes etc. in the near future.

MeghnaPay is determined to be recognized as a reliable digital financial solution to its valued users by ensuring secured and fast monetary transaction. With such quest, it will continuously be thriving for launching new products & services in the digital platform and thereby becoming an irreplaceable part of its customer’s lifestyle.

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