Add Money & Money Transfer

Add Money & Money Transfer between MeghnaPay & Meghna Bank Own Linked Account

MeghnaPay has introduced instant Money Transfer service between Meghna Bank account and MeghnaPay account. You can easily link your own Meghna Bank account to your MeghnaPay & transfer electronic money at anytime from anywhere.

Tasks for Add Money and Money Transfer from Linked Meghna Bank Account:

  1. Account Link
  2. Initiate Transaction

Steps of Account Linkage:

If you register MeghnaPay account by selecting ‘Existing Meghna Bank Customer’ by inserting your debit card information, this account will be linked automatically to your MeghnaPay account. Also you can visit any nearest Meghna Bank Branch and submit the linkage form to link your account.

You can also link your Meghna Bank account by following below steps:

  • Login to “MeghnaPay” App
  • Go to ‘Menu Bar’ from left side of the dashboard
  • Select “Account Link”
  • Insert your Debit Card information and press “Submit”.


  • Your MeghnaPay mobile number and the linked mobile number of Meghna Bank account must be same.
  • If multiple accounts are linked to your debit card, all accounts will be linked to your MeghnaPay account.
  • You can link multiple accounts to your MeghnaPay account.

Steps of Add Money from Linked Account:

  • Select “Add Money” from dashboard
  • Select “Own Linked Account”
  • Select desired “Source account” from which your balance will be deducted
  • Enter required add money “Amount” and “Remarks” for this transaction
  • Enter MeghnaPay Wallet PIN and press “Next” option
  • After successful transaction, you will receive confirmation SMS and requested e-money will be added to your MeghnaPay balance.

 Steps of Money Transfer from MeghnaPay to Meghna Bank Account:

  • Select “Transfers” option from Home menu
  • Select “To Own Meghna Bank Account”
  • Select your linked “Source Account Information”
  • Select your linked account in “Select To Account”
  • Enter “Amount”
  • Enter MeghnaPay Wallet PIN and click on Next option to initiate the transaction
  • After successful transaction, you will receive confirmation SMS and requested money will be t to your transferred to Meghna Bank Account.


  • Minimum transaction amount is BDT 100 for add money to MeghnaPay Account and minimum transaction amount is BDT 100 for Money Transfer from MeghnaPay to linked Meghna Bank account.
  • No service charge is applicable for add money and for Money Transfer service charge is 0.8% & minimum BDT 5 (whichever is higher).

To know more, please contact with Call Center 16735 (from any mobile phone) in Bangladesh or e-mail us at

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