Maximum Credit Limit


Meghna Credit Cards are offered at a maximum credit limit of BDT 10 Lacs or as per the Central Bank of Bangladesh's guidelines. This credit limit can be converted into USD or Local currency upon request.
Supplementary Card


Meghna Bank allows sharing the rewards and benefits of your card with your precious ones by providing 2 (two) supplementary cards at free of cost. Being a primary cardholder, you have the option to set a spending limit for each of your supplementary cards.

Globally Accepted


Meghna Credit Card is locally and globally accepted and can be used worldwide. The international usage of a credit card is allowed against Bangladesh Bank's Foreign Currency Policy:

  • Travel Quota: 12,000/yearly
  • RFCD: at actual
  • ERQ: according to security/lien
EMV Chip-based Card


Meghna Credit Card is an EMV Chip-based VISA card that ensures more security, convenience, and flexibility for making your everyday spending with a single card.

NFC Card


Meghna Credit Cards are Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled cards that allow contactless payment. NFC makes it very easy for customers to make instant payments.

3D Secure E-Commerce Transaction


Enjoy peace of mind upon making online purchases with the most secured 3DS version 2 (two) service which lets you conduct online transactions safely with Meghna Credit Card.

Interest-Free Period


Meghna Credit Cards offer up to 45-days interest-free period. Any purchase transaction or cheque is considered for interest-free period of maximum 45-days and minimum 15-days.

Easy Cash Advance


Start living your life with Meghna Credit Card to enjoy a worry & hassle-free life. Meghna Credit Card "Cash Advance Facility" offers instant cash anywhere and anytime. You can withdraw up to 50% of your credit limit from any ATM booth.

Card Cheque


Get your 1st card cheque book free of cost with your Meghna Credit Card. The card cheque facility helps to meet your daily or routine-based payment needs. Use your account payee card cheque for payment to any person or establishment within Bangladesh, and get maximum 45 days interest-free period.

Fund Transfer


Meghna Credit Card offers hassle-free and paperless online fund transfers through Meghna Internet Banking. Use your Meghna Internet Banking App or Web-based portal to transfer funds to any person or establishment within Bangladesh, and get maximum 45-days interest-free period.

Digital Wallet Services


Use your Meghna Credit Card to "Add Money" instantly to digital wallets, and get maximum 45 days interest-free period.

  • Free Add Money facility to Mobile Wallet.
  • Pay Credit Card Bills through Mobile Wallet.
  • Add/Transfer money to Mobile Wallet and convert the transaction into an equal interest-bearing installment.


Pay your credit card bills anywhere from Bangladesh. The easy payment options are:

  • Cash Deposit at Branch.
  • Payment through Bank Cheque.
  • Meghna Internet Banking Fund Transfer.
  • Other Bank’s Internet Banking Fund Transfer.
  • BEFTN.
  • Payment through Digital Wallet.
Meet & Greet Service


Meghna Platinum Credit Cardholders will get the complimentary Meet & Greet Service at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka with a companion. Forget the hassle of carrying luggage upon departure and arrival. Just call our 24/7 Call Centre at (Toll-Free) 16735 (local) or +880 96100 16735 (from overseas) for your Meet & Greet booking. We will make your airport check-in faster and smoother to ensure your trip is enjoyable.
Balaka Lounge Facility


International Airport, Dhaka. Platinum credit cardholders will get free lounge access 8 times in a calendar year with a companion, and Gold credit cardholders will get free lounge access 4 times in a calendar year. Accompanying children below 12-years of age will get free access. Each additional guest will be charged. Meghna Credit Cardholders will get complimentary Lounge Facilities at Balaka Lounge of Hazrat Shahjalal The facilities that are available at the Lounge are:

  • Unlimited premium food
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet
  • Business Centre
  • Shower room
  • Prayer room for both Male & Female
  • Flight Monitors
  • 10,000 sqft spacious lounge
  • Charging station
  • Smoking Zone
  • Changing room
  • Disabled access
  • Newspapers & Magazines
Meghna-VISA LoungeKey™


Meghna Platinum Credit Cardholders are entitled to get the LoungeKey™ Program which is an exclusive global privilege to enhance the travel experience. Enjoy access to more than 1100 airport Lounges with your Meghna VISA Platinum Credit Card. Present your Meghna Platinum Credit Card to the international lounges and get swift access. You do not need to carry any additional pass/membership card in your wallet to access lounges. To learn more about Meghna Visa LoungeKey™, click here.

EasyPay (Interest bearing EMI)


Meghna credit card gives you the flexibility to convert any retail purchase, card cheque, and internet banking fund transfer transaction into an equal interest-bearing installment and pay back the amount over a tenor as per interest mentioned in the Credit Card Schedule of Charges (SOC). Just call 16735 or visit Digital Service Desk (DSD): digitaldesk.meghnabank.com.bd to place EasyPay EMI request.

  • Up to 24 months EMI Facility.
  • No Processing Fee.
  • Minimum Amount for EMI: BDT 10,000/- or above.
  • Early Settlement facility.
  • No additional/hidden Charge.
Internet Banking


Meghna Credit Cardholders can self-register to Meghna Internet Banking and enjoy several benefits. The featured benefits of Internet Banking using Credit Cards are:

  • Self-registration to Internet Banking with Meghna Credit Card.
  • Fund Transfer (NPSB/RTGS/BEFTN) to any Bank.
  • “Xtra Digital Gift” Purchase.
  • Utility Bill Payment.
  • Mobile Recharge.
  • Credit Card’s Transaction History Check.
  • PIN Reset.
  • Card Block and many more.
Digital Service Desk (DSD)


Credit card customers can place request for any service from around the globe, without a physical visit to any branch. Services through digital platform will make your life easier and faster. The featured benefits of Digital Service Desk (DSD) are:

  • Card Block/Unblock Request.
  • E-Commerce Enable/Disable Request.
  • Card Replacement Request.
  • Transaction Dispute Request.
  • Any kinds of Queries and many more.

Please visit digitaldesk.meghnabank.com.bd for service requests.

SMS Alert


Get SMS confirmation on your phone with any card transaction, such as

  • Instant SMS alerts if transactions are made with Meghna Credit Card.
  • SMS alert for payment.
  • SMS alert for statement.
  • SMS alert when your card is activated and PIN is generated.


Password-protected Meghna credit card e-statement is timely and secured and is sent to your registered email address on the billing date. E-statement is a faster and more secure alternative to paper statements. You can also request for periodical e-statement through the Digital Service Desk or Toll-Free Call Center 16735.

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